call-of-duty-ghostsFranchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield are pretty big, and with the games getting constant releases, we’re sure there are gamers out there wondering just what is it about those games that is so fascinating and entertaining? Well the good news is that if you did not want to shell out money for a game that you think you may or may not enjoy, how about taking Call of Duty: Ghosts for a free spin this weekend? It has been announced that Ghosts will be free to play on Steam over the weekend, and what this means is that it will only be free for the weekend, as opposed to gamers being able to download and keep the game forever and play it for free.

However at the same time the game is priced at 50% off its usual price, so we guess if you decide that Ghosts is the kind of game for you, then you can go ahead and grab it for yourself for a lower price tag then and there. In fact we wouldn’t be surprised if there are gamers out there who wait around for Steam sales before buying their games. After all with Steam routinely discounting their games, why bother paying full price when you know a discount is around the corner, right (although unfortunately not everyone appreciates these sales)? In the meantime, who else is looking forward to playing some free Call of Duty: Ghosts this weekend?

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