skibagDo not for once think that the sport of skiing is full of fun and glamor – there are also inherent risks involved, as the legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher found out at the end of last year. Lose your concentration one bit, a little mistake there, and you could end up seriously injured. Perhaps it is imperative that the likes of the Dainese D-Air Ski would be released to the masses as soon as possible in order to cut out unwanted injuries or even death. The Dainese D-Air Ski’s near-competition-ready prototype will rely on a bunch of sensors that will be able to know when it is involved in a crash, where it will then rapidly inflate around the skier’s upper body so that there will be adequate protection afforded.

Dainese has teamed up with the International Ski Federation (FIS) three years back with the vision of adapting its motorcycle airbag protection technology to cater for the sport of ski racing. The entire process would require plenty of data collection so that the new algorithm can be created, and one which is reliable enough to work all the time when required. We do look forward to the day when the Dainese D-Air Ski is made a mandatory accessory for all skiers.

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