Not all coffee tables are created equal, and I am quite sure that many of you out there would have had some sort of experience with Ideum’s previous releases such as the MT-50 and the MT-55. Those were certainly high tech “coffee tables”, so to speak, and Microsoft themselves are not too far behind with their PixelSense range. Still these happen to be niche products that will burn a huge hole in one’s pocket as well, but it seems that the latest collaboration between 3M and Ideum might just turn heads – in the form of a multitouch coffee table that runs on the Android operating system.

Right now, there will be two models on offer, the Platform 32 as well as the larger Platform 46. Regardless of which particular model that you choose from, both of them will come with a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU clocked at 3.7GHz, in addition to a Blu-Ray combo drive and a Full HD display. The smaller 32-inch model (hence its name) will deliver 40 simultaneous touchpoints on its screen, and the larger 46-inch model delivers 60 simultaneous touchpoints. The Platform 46 also has an edge in terms of its storage capability, thanks to a 500GB hard drive alongside 16GB RAM.

Expect Platform 46 to roll out later this year, where it will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Bummer! Good thing these tables will be water-resistant, although you would need deep pockets to purchase one fo these, with the starting price of its Windows 8 version of the Platform 32 standing at $6,950.

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