neknominationNekNomination, the website that depicts how people take part in drinking challenges, has been shut down after the death of an Irish teenarger. This particular social media page that is based in Northern Ireland has its fair collection of videos that depict a variety of drinking challenges. Jonny Byrne, who happens to be at a tender of 19, hails from County Carlow where he met his death after making the jump into the River Barrow in Carlow over the weekend. According to Byrne’s family, he had been playing the NekNomination game where a posted video online will encourage viewers to drink alcohol.

An emotional appeal by the teenager’s family as well as warnings from politicians have underlined the dangers associated when it comes to participating in the drinking game. Jonny’s brother, Patrick, informed BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme on Monday that he was with Jonny during the time where he went into the river. Patrick continued, “I jumped in to try and save him and I had him nearly out, but he broke free from me and pushed me under the water, and I was nearly gone only for my girlfriend and a passerby jumped in and pulled me out.”

Just how does NekNomination work? Believed to have begun in Australia, the concept revolves around necking your drink and nominating another. Facebook and Twitter users who are on the receiving end of a “neknomination” will then be challenged to down a pint of alcohol in one go, within a window period of 24 hours. After completing the challenge, they will then have the authority to nominate a couple of their friends to follow their “example”. Those who refuse and break the chain will eventually be on the receiving end of ridicule online. You know what they say, sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words? I guess they cut deeper than originally thought.

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