charged-cardAny modern day road warrior will be able to tell you that one can never have enough power for their gadgets and gizmos, and there are moments when we need just that extra bit of juice in our smartphones to make that crucial phone call, only to realize that Murphy’s Law has struck again. Perhaps with the Charged-Card, such situations would be a thing of the past. The Charged-Card is not one that allows you to spend money with wanton abandon only to pay back later with interest, but rather, it is a phone accessory that comes in the form factor of a credit card, and yet carries a charge to juice up depleted batteries on the move.

This portable battery charger is a multi functional charger that fits in a wallet (or a purse, if you will) without missing a beat, where it takes up the thickness of three credit cards. The Charged-Card sports multiple uses, where it will be a portable battery charger, an emergency back-up battery that helps you make that important phone call in an emergency, and a data cable that lets you transfer files to or from your smartphone or tablet from a computer. The Charged-Card carries a recommended retail price of $39.95 a pop. [Press Release]

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