karbonn-mobile-logoDoes a smartphone that dual boots Windows Phone and Android sound appealing to you? In a way it does seem like that you would get the best of both worlds, but is this really something that people need?

Well regardless or not whether it might seem like novel idea or a genuine demand, India-based handset manufacturer, Karbonn, is apparently looking to build a smartphone that will support both the Windows Phone and Android operating system on a single device.

Speaking to The Times of India, the company’s chairman Sudhir Hasija was quoted as saying, “Microsoft has eased the regulations and is opening up its platform for other players. We signed the agreement two days ago and will launch a range of Windows Phones in about three months.” 

No word on pricing or availability, but we’re guessing its launch could be exclusive to India before it is released to other markets. If it is released to other markets at all.

While Hasija makes it sound like Microsoft might be cool with the idea of a dual booting device, how does Google feel about it? According to earlier reports, it was suggested that Google might have pressured ASUS into killing the recently announced Transformer Book Duet due to the fact that it would basically make Android share the same space as Windows.

In fact Google does not appear to be appreciative of manufacturers who take Android to the extreme. Samsung is a prime example in which Google and the South Korean tech giant basically agreed that Samsung would cut back on the Android modifications so as not to deviate too far from the Android experience.

What do you guys think? Does this phone sound like something you could get on board with?

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