electric-thinking-capThe next time someone asks you to put on your thinking cap, you might want to take a literal approach to that request, thanks to researchers over at Vanderbilt University who have managed to come up with what they call a “thinking cap“. This “thinking cap” will electrically stimulate the brain in order to zap it to an optimal level, letting you learn from your mistakes faster than ever before.

I suppose that in RPG parlance, you could call this a Cap of Wisdom that adds a positive factor to your thinking prowess whenever you put it on. Research has shown that our brains register a mistake with a spike of negative voltage in the medial-front cortex, without any clear reason as of yet why that happens.

A pair of psychologists from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, namely Ph.D. candidate Robert Reinhart and assistant professor of psychology Geoffrey Woodman, have come up with this “thinking cap” that delivers a low-level current to the brain so that it can simulate this spike. They figured out that this spike has a role to play during the learning process, hence letting the brain learn from mistakes.

Test subjects showed that wearing this “thinking cap” saw them make fewer mistakes in tests, not to mention learn at a faster rate compared to the others who did not have the advantage of being jolted into action.

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