fujitsu-analysisFujitsu of Japan will be showing off their technology that is capable of visualizing the movements of shoppers over in a store through the clever use of infrared range sensors, and this will happen at Fujitsu Forum 2014, which so happens to be an exhibition of its ICT solutions. The implementation of infrared range sensors have been set up in several locations in the selling space too for a real world example, where visitors will be detected based on data that have been collected by individual sensors, and their movements will then be tracked. Just what can such data be used for?


Fujitsu claims that this kind of technology would come in handy to “detect the movements of an unspecified large number of people with a margin of error of several tens of centimeters.” If that ain’t accurate enough for such an application, I am not quite sure what it. Analyzing such tracking data makes it possible to figure out the exact time distribution of the number of visitors, in addition to knowing just how long a particular shopper stays in front of each product, as well as the trend in the traffic line of visitors, among others.

This kind of visualization would allow companies to be able to better allocate their resources in serving customers, as well as in the deployment of sales people and showcase products.

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