sekisui-houseIn this day and age, there are many kinds of “smart” items out there, ranging from smart cars to smartphones and perhaps in the near future, smart houses. Having said that, Sekisui House Ltd, Toshiba Corp and Honda Motor Co Ltd have announced that all three have collaborated in order to work on a house that actually takes into consideration as to what life is like down the road – or 2020 to be exact.

To build something that is not quite available just yet can prove to be quite a challenge, but this has not stopped such a co-operative move. Different kind of technologies were used, where among these include information technology, personal transportation vehicles and an energy management technology which is capable of controlling energy supply and demand for households, vehicles and the neighborhood in a comprehensive manner.

This unique home will be able to fit in two families, where it will offer a mutual supply of electricity and hot water among others between households. Not only that, there will also be a wireless charging system for electric vehicles built into the mix in order to live up to its billing of being a smart house of the future. What do you think of this particular effort?

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