firebikeThere are times when fire engines need to respond to an emergency situation, but the traffic situation simply does not leave any room for the fire engine to arrive there in the shortest time possible. Motorcycles, however, are far more nimble to get around, and designer Marty Laurita figured out the possibility of what a first responder motorcycle would look like, calling it the Angell Unit concept.


This conceptual ride that could potentially save lives happen to be powered by compressed air, where it is not only convenient but modular as well. The compressed air fuel would be able to take advantage of the fact that all fire stations come with their own air compressor, and the use of compressed air also helps to save space on the bike itself, freeing up additional space for a modular med kit.

In fact, a couple of emergency tool kits can be placed on both sides of the bike’s headlamp, where one of them would hold a crowbar and fire axe, while the other carries fire suppression grenades. The estimated cost for the Angell Unit if it ever rolls off a production line? We are looking at $7,000 thereabouts, sporting a maximum speed of 80mph alongside a working range of 120 miles.

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