There have been one too many tragic incidents of school shootings in which the lives of young children have often been put at risk. A company based in Oklahoma, called Protecht, has developed the Bodyguard Blanket. Its a 5/16-inch thick rectangle pad that’s designed to protect children if they’re stuck in a natural disaster or at a school shooting. The blanket can shield children from debris or a 9mm bullet.

Even though this blanket is also meant for protecting children from falling debris during a natural disaster, its gaining publicity due to its bulletproof capability, and that’s one main reason why it was actually developed.

Its made from the same material that’s used in body armor for military and law enforcement personnel. Called Dyneema, its a high-density plastic that’s lighter than Kevlar but is used for ballistic armor.

Its not exactly a flak vest. Instead the Bodyguard Blanket is made from a material that can be unfolded to create a temporary body shelter. Since it has straps the blanket can be worn as a backpack.

Since the material used isn’t cheap the Bodyguard Blanket is expensive. The price tag is nearly $1,000 but ProTecht has plans to partner up with nonprofits and schools to make them more affordable when purchased in bulk.

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