In beta form this service was known as Project1709 and you may not have heard of it previously. Canon today launched on a service that takes on the likes of Dropbox and Box, albeit for photos only. Irista is its new free cloud storage service for photos. Photographers can upload, share and manage their collections on Irista, which is pronounced eye-rist-ta.

The only way its different from other cloud storage services is that it doesn’t support any other files, users will only be able to store photos. Irista does have social features built-in, such as the ability to share photos on Flickr and Facebook and even view comments within its own interface, however as of now its not possible to push photos to Twitter or Instagram.

Users can create as many albums as they like and tag photos to sort them out. There is support for all popular photo file types including RAW and Irista doesn’t place any limits on file size. Users can even edit an image’s EXIF data directly on the service.

Canon Irista is live now and available for free with 10GB of storage. Those who want more can pay for the privilege. Users in the UK and selected European countries can pay £2.49, £4.99 and £8.99 per month for 20GB, 50GB and 100GB respectively. An annual payment of £25, £49 and £89 can also be made.

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