The Bloodhound SSC has been successfully tested a couple of years ago, although the entire project does seem to be taking longer than expected to complete. Considering how the ride is able to eventually hit a whopping 1,000 miles per hour on land, there are plenty of engineering considerations to be taken into account. The Bloodhound SSC project’s ultimate triumph would be to obliterate the existing land speed record of 763mph thereabouts over at the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa.

Sporting a similar jet engine that will power the Eurofighter Typhoon, and accompanied by a rocket which results in a combined 21 metric tons of thrust at best, one does wonder what kind of cockpit will keep the driver/pilot informed of everything that is going on around him. The YouTube video will be able to give you a quick glimpse of how it would feel like when seated within.

The entire Bloodhound SSC cockpit has been specially customized in order to fit Green, the pilot, within, where the steering wheel itself was printed from powdered titanium in order to match the shape of his hands to a T. The center display will show off how fast one is going, alongside displaying the thrust gauge for the engines.

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