While I am sure that many folks are content with their Raspberry Pi projects that they have undertaken so far, surely having some other kind of competition out there might be able to help push the evolutionary envelope of the Raspberry Pi? This is what the HummingBoard is all about, I suppose, thanks to the folks over at SolidRun who rolled it out. The HummingBoard is no slouch when it comes to processing capability, where it plays the role of being a more powerful alternative compared to the Raspberry Pi despite being built on a similar platform.

I guess those who wished that the Raspberry Pi packed more of a punch in certain instances would smile when they lay their eyes on the HummingBoard, since it will deliver a 1GHz ARM v7 processor compared to the Pi’s 700MHz ARM v6 processor. Not only that, it will still be able to fit into similar third-party cases of yore, making it keen competition. Of course, the killer would be its price if it were to be the same as that of the Raspberry Pi, but it is a wee bit more expensive with the base model with 512MB RAM retailing for $45 a pop, where you will have to top up another $10 for the power adapter, while the higher end model that has double the amount of RAM and a faster processor touches the #100 mark.

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