Imgur is probably one of the most popular free image hosting services on the internet. No doubt it is reddit’s darling. The popular service has taken many steps to ensure that users are satisfied with the experience and the latest round of improvements will certainly win it praise. Today it introduced a redesigned front page as well as a couple of new features which make it easier for users to discover more of the things they love.

Tags are at the heart of this new design. Users will now be able to suggest and vote on tags for individual images. Galleries can now be browsed by tag or users can create their own galleries and filter out images with certain tags that they don’t want to see. Tags can be suggested by any user for any image and to ensure accuracy only the top two based on score will be displayed in the gallery.

Imgur also introduced custom galleries which give users the ability to browse only what they would like to see or if they want to follow a tag closely. Personalized galleries can be created by adding any number of tags and they will be updated in real time.

A new advanced search feature has also been introduced which lets users search by almost everything, title, tag, image size, image type and more. It even works for text inside some images.

All of the changes are live now so head on over to Imgur to try them out, they really expect you to have a much more pleasant experience now.

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