LG formally unveiled its 2014 flagship back in May and the G3 immediately went on sale in South Korea after the announcement. Now the company gears up for a public launch in the U.S. as all four major carriers are going to start shipping G3 units in a few days. Moreover the global launch of LG’s latest and greatest smartphone is underway as well. Following its global roll out the company today announced that the G3’s “Smart Keyboard” is going to receive an update which will bring additional features and enhancements “rarely been found on OEM keyboards.”

LG’s Smart Keyboard features adaptive technology that can analyze the user’s typing habits to facilitate faster typing. Users are able to adjust the height of the keyboard to better fit their hands and the position of their thumbs. The Smart Keyboard also offers word predictions.

New features coming to the keyboard as part of this update include emoji suggestion which will recommend the “most appropriate emoticon to represent a specific word.” For example typing love will automatically be converted into the heart symbol from the emoji database.

Next word suggestion will use contextual analysis of the user’s style to suggest the next word or symbol to make the typing experience much faster. Bilingual word suggestion will automatically detect and change to the correct language on its own without requiring input from the user.

Application based text tone suggestion will learn from the users’ typing habits and suggest commonly used words depending upon the app they’re in. So if a user starts most emails with Hello, that’s what they keyboard will predict instantly when a new email is being composed. Last but not the least, real-time path input will allow users to enter text by simply tracing their finger in a continuous motion across the keyboard. Suggestions will be offered in real time as the words are being traced.

LG will start rolling out the Smart Keyboard application update this month through the LG update center. G3 owners have been advised to check with their local operations for precise details about availability.

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