metal-detector-funeralFunerals are sombre events, and for some of us, there will be a guard of honor to provide a final farewell. As for metal detectorist Jonny Burgin, he would definitely appreciate the efforts made by his friends from the Amber’s Digs metal detector group, as they formed a guard of honor that had not swords nor rifles, but actual metal detectors lifted high above his coffin as his body entered the church.

This is a fitting send off for Jonny who spent a fair amount of his time walking through the country’s fields and beaches in his never ending quest for buried treasures. Thankfully he did not experience the kind of shock that the man and his ward did at the beginning of Pacific Rim, when one of the Jaegers stumbled onto land after having one of its pilots ripped away from a terrible kaiju attack.

This funeral arrangement proved to be a fitting and uplifting celebration of Jonny’s colorful character, that is for sure. His widow, Anne, shared, “He started with friends when he was very young and just kept doing it. He used to go to the beach all the time. He loved the thrill of finding something, then discovering its history. His dream was to find a gold coin, but it never happened. “He was very into the Roman era and found quite a few coins – nothing to make him rich, but he was happy enough.”

Would you as a gamer like to have a row of keyboards act as part of your guard of honor?

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