mfiinwallUbiquiti is a name that more often than not, are known when it comes to commercial connectivity solutions. However, they do have a couple of devices made available recently, where these happen to see another two more members added to its mFi family, offering in-wall management devices that provides consumers with a greater level control over the power that is used, regardless of whether at home, or in a commercial setting. The mFi Switch/Dimmer and the mFi Outlet will target use in building interiors, although wiring in the building will require the presence of a neutral wire as the install point.

These in-wall devices will rely on 802.11 b/g/n when it comes to wireless connectivity, enabling each one of them to be controlled remotely. The management devices will also be able to work sans the mFi Controller if you so desire, where you would then make use of webpage access when it comes to the control and monitoring of power. If you prefer to have the presence of the mFi controller around, then you will be able to set rules for automatic control, monitor historical usage and utilize scenes for control of multiple devices. Basically, the mFi Switch/Dimmer hopes to replace existing light switches, while the mFi Outlet offers an option to consumers as a direct replacement for power outlets. Expect these to arrive in black, although white versions are due down the road.

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