steam-recordBack in the good old days, getting your hands on a PC game would mean heading down to your local gaming retail store and picking up a physical copy of the game itself. That practice is still in effect, although based on the latest numbers gathered by research firm DFC Intelligence, it seems that a whopping 92% of PC game sales in 2013 were digital.

Speaking to the folks at PCR, the research firm added that they believe that this trend will continue and rise in 2014. What this means is that gamers are starting to favor digital downloads over physical copies of the game. In many ways this hardly comes as a surprise. After all, why take up space with boxes and DVDs and manuals when all you really need is the game, right?

However we guess there are some gamers out there who still prefer physical due to its collectible nature. That and the fact that there are many gamers out there who wouldn’t mind physical copies of games as some of these copies are collectors editions, meaning that they tend to come with special packaging and content, like art books, soundtracks, and so on that avid fans of the game would appreciate.

DFC Intelligence goes on to add that PC games have actually surpassed that of console games in terms of revenue. In any case what do you guys think? Are you all that surprised that digital sales are on the rise? Or are you still a staunch supporter of purchasing physical copies of your favorite games?

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