bruteprotectBruteProtect, a plugin and service which will be able to offer protection for your sites from malicious logins, also does the job of saving server resources so that your site is more efficient as it runs faster, ensuring that all of your sites will always have the latest and greatest versions of WordPress core, plugins, and themes. It seems that BruteProtect has now been acquired by Automattic, a company that is well known for its consumer-facing services including as well as JetPack.

Right now, we have word that BruteProtect will be retired eventually as a standalone gig, and all of the other plugins and services that are currently available will eventually be built into Jetpack.

One ought to take note that BruteProtect also comes with a premium service which will start from $5 each month for individual sites, and this will kick in from today onward, where it will be free for every BruteProtect user and Jetpack-enabled site. For those who are already a BruteProtect subscriber, do ensure that your communication channels will remain open as you will be on the receiving end of a surprise as a form of “Thank you” from the company for the early support. Well, there you have it – another completed acquisition in the industry. [Press Release]

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