Billed as the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker, the Om One is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that does in fact levitate in mid-air thanks to its magnetic base station which not only provides the main attraction, but also serves as a charging port for the speaker orb and other devices.┬áThe orb floats atop its base and plays music, its function is as simple as that. It banks on levitation to deliver “awe inspiring sound,” according to the company.

The theory Om One’s manufacturer presents is not hard to understand. It doesn’t waste amplication energy by having to push sound waves into a desk, table or bookshelf. Instead the Om One’s amplication energy is directed to the speaker driver in order to provide crisp and clear sound. Output of a full 110 decibels with a 3 watt RMS amplifier is claimed backed by a battery capable of providing 15 hours of playback on 70 percent volume.

The orb weighs 0.75lbs and is 3.6-inch in diameter. It also doubles as a microphone for voice calls since a smartphone can be connected with Bluetooth 4.0. The orb levitates 1.2 inches above the base.

Om One’s manufacturer is running a crowdfunding campagin on its own website to push this device into production. Its seeking $100,000 and with 49 days left over $37,000 have already been pledged. Its safe to say that Om One will meet its target. During the campaign one unit can be purchased for $179, a $20 discount off the final retail price. Delivery is expected by Christmas 2014.

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