williamsAs we’re sure most of you have heard by now, the great comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away not too long ago. Given that Williams had been known to play video games, fans had petitioned Blizzard to immortalize him in the World of Warcraft universe, to which Blizzard had agreed to.

Now thanks to the folks at Wowhead, it seems that they have datamined several character models which could be what Blizzard had planned for Williams. One of the character models is pictured above, which unsurprisingly is in the form of a genie (whose model already exists in the game), which was also one of the roles Williams was known for when he provided the voice talent to the genie in Aladdin.

The model has been given the name “Robin <The Entertainer>”, although we’re not sure if this is the final model or if Blizzard still has some changes they plan on making. Wowhead has also uncovered additional models, one of them is a human male model, and the other a female human character, which could possibly be a nod towards the Mrs. Doubtfire character.

According to the petition, fans asked Blizzard to allow the model to speak some of Williams’ best lines from his shows and movies. It is unclear if Blizzard will fully comply with the request of fans or if they have something else planned themselves, but they did mention that they will be taking care of it, and we guess these are some of the first signs of that happening.

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