tate-robotWhile we are not quite living in the age of the Jetsons, where technology has taken an all pervasive role in the life of mankind, we have made adequate levels of progress that ought to make those living in the previous century proud. Telepresence robots are not new, but thankfully, we have not run out of ways to make use of them. Over the course of the next few days, London’s Tate Britain will offer those on the Internet a chance to hop on to a quartet of telepresence robots that will go about the halls of the gallery after official visiting hours are done and over with.

The video feeds will be sent directly to the Internet, where you then guide these robots around the exhibits for a limited amount of time. There is also the option to enjoy some commentary from an art historian should your eyes happen to fall upon an item of interest. Of course, it would be impossible to pull of a heist in real life, since navigating one of the four telepresence robots too near any of the exhibits will see the power cut automatically. Of course, things might turn out very differently if this were to be a movie instead.

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