By now we’re pretty sure that most World of Warcraft gamers have already burned through the Legion content that Blizzard has released until now. So if you’re hankering for more content, you’ll be pleased to learn that the upcoming Patch 7.2 will be released on the 28th of March, and with that Blizzard has also launched the Tomb of Sargeras trailer.


Basically it looks like we’re heading closer to an epic showdown between players in the world of Azeroth and Kil’Jaeden, who is one of the main bad guys in the Warcraft universe. The trailer certainly does paint a rather grim and epic picture that Legion has so far done a good job of conveying.

The patch is expected to introduce some new events and there will be new buildings that players will be able to construct. Players will also be able to continue their Class Hall quest line to continue unlocking the power of their Artifact weapon, including those who have already maxed out their weapon’s Artifact Knowledge level, in which they’ll be able to proceed beyond level 25.

Like we said the patch is expected to be released on the 28th of March which is next Tuesday (patch Tuesdays), so do keep an eye out for it if you’re interested. In the meantime you can check out the Tomb of Sargeras trailer in the video above.

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