While the LG G6 is already a gorgeous device, why not make it more attractive and keep it protected at the same time? To help the cause, you can find a variety of LG G6 cases on the market (some pretty weird, some too expensive, and some damn good!). However, in this article, we are going to cover 10 of the best LG G6 cases available today.


Note: The price and availability of the LG G6 cases may vary depending on the country you live in. 

  1. NageBee Armor Shock Proof Dual Layer: LG G6 Case

    nagebee - LG G6 Cases
    NageBee is really one of the solid LG G6 cases you will get for under 10 USD. It actually combines a skeletal case and a hard backing to double the protection level for the drop impacts.

    The part of the device where you put the hand on most of the time or operate at are tailored with a soft silicone layer. So, it’s a dual-layered LG G6 case crafted both for protection and comfortable. This case also comes with a belt clip which makes it even more convenient to carry.

    Not just a belt clip, the case can also be rested upon the built-in stand while watching videos or similar stuff requiring you to have a landscape mode.

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  2. Spigen Liquid Crystal LG G6 Case

    spigen - LG G6 Cases
    It is not a necessity to have a dual-layered hybrid case to have the best protection. You can have a slim case with 100% transparency and yet have a decent protection.

    Although this case is not shockproof but still can handle the drops well. If you are looking for a transparent LG G6 case without loosing the beauty of it, this is the one you should go for.

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  3. Spigen Neo Hybrid LG G6 Case Herringbone

    spigen neo - LG G6 Cases
    Spigen’s Neo Hybrid LG G6 case is a treat for the people who want to go with a darker (black) case. Neo Hybrid is indeed the perfect one that offers a black color along with the metal-like edges, upper and lower ends.

    It costs you 14.99 USD. However, you can grab the silver variant and a champagne variant for 15.99 USD and 16.99 USD respectively. This case will not be left out with fingerprints all over the back of the device. You get anti-shock protection as well.

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  4. Caseology [Parallax Series]

    caseology - LG G6 Cases
    Caseology’s parallax series case helps make your G6 look absolutely stunning. The case has been crafted with the aim to provide a better grip and avoid accidental slips.

    While having an anti-slip grip, it does not look rugged. It is an elegant case to have for your LG G6. The case is made up of anti-scratch material which calls for more durability. You also get the shock/impact protection to an extent with Caseology. It would cost you 14.99 USD or 15.99 depending on the color variant you choose.

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  5. Poetic Revolution LG G6 Rugged Case

    poetic - LG G6 Cases
    Poetic Revolution is a beautifully crafted rugged case for the LG G6. In reality, it looks rugged (design-wise) but is not something so special to cost you more than the recent LG G6 cases mentioned.

    This case intelligently enforces the corners to provide the best possible drop protection. The front case has an inbuilt screen protector with water resistant capability. It is sleek yet rugged and protective. You can get it for just 12.95 USD.

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  6. LG G6 Case: Caseology [Vault Series]

    caseology vault - LG G6 Cases
    Yet another caseology’s case where we get a simpler design with a similar level of protection. The design in anti-slip ready and the corners have been protected to hold for the impacts after dropping the phone.

    Caseology’s vault series is cheaper than the parallax series. This case would cost you 10.99 USD. Other than the common criteria that you have in mind, this case makes us happy being very flexible at the same time.

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  7. LG G6 Case: UAG Plasma Feather-Light Rugged

    UAG - LG G6 Cases
    Were you looking for a super strong LG G6 case? UAG Plasma feather-light rugged case is just meant for the cause.

    It may not be the best looking LG G6 case but it sure is tough. This case uses a military-grade material to give the best anti-shock and drop protection. Although the case looks solid and thick, it is not heavy as it may seem. The UAG plasma case is fairly lightweight and does not make the device a heavy pick either.

    Also, even if it is a thick LG G6 case, it still allows you a faster wireless connectivity (NFC, charging, and so on). No matter how good it is, the case is expensive and is priced at 39.95 USD. We are sure that this case is not meant for every user unless they want a superbly solid protection.

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  8. LG G6 Case: Remex Heavy Duty Shockproof

    Remex - LG G6 Cases
    Remex’s heavy duty shockproof LG G6 case looks rugged and comes with an anti-slip design.

    Apart from the shock protection or drop protection, this case provides something, even more, i.e a rotating kickstand. So, when you get this case for just 7.98 USD, you will not need to get a different stand as well, it will do both the work for you in no time.

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  9. LG G6 Case: NOVACASE [Shock Absorption]

    novacase - LG G6 Cases
    An LG G6 case which looks far more rugged than what you pay for. You get a solid case which is shock proof for just 9.99 USD. As you can observe in the image above, it looks thick but it is not. The case is a slim addition to your device for protection against drops and scratches.

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  10. SUPCASE: LG G6 Case

    supcase - LG G6 Cases
    A sturdy-looking case for LG G6 at just 16.99 USD. You actually get a lot of good stuff with this case. There is an inbuilt screen protector with the case. It has a belt clip holster as well. The case looks pretty good and is shock-proof.

    If you were looking for a case that looks amazing (not too rugged) but yet provides an amazing level of protection, this is the one you should go for.

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Wrapping Up

Here, we have listed 10 of the best LG G6 cases that are available on Amazon (being a global e-commerce giant). The price might differ according to the place where you live. However, the comparison and evaluation of the respective cases would remain the same whatsoever.

Undoubtedly, the LG G6 is a premium Android flagship device with great durability. But, why not get a case for enhanced protection adding a couple more bucks to your budget?

Let us know which of the cases you liked the most in the comments below. Also, if there is a case that you want us to look at (or if it is worth mentioning in this article), tell us more about it in the comments below.

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