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ASUS PQ321 4K Monitor Unveiled

05/31/2013, Most monitors these days are able to display Full HD resolutions at 1920×1080, but with UHD/4K televisions starting to emerge, there could be a day in the future where 4K is the new standard. If you’re an early adopter and would like to get your...

Asus Teases New Product Release At Computex 2013

05/27/2013, Asus has posted a teaser on their Google+ page regarding new product that will be announced at Computex 2013. Perhaps this is the first of multiple teasers will see before the event.

ASUS PadFone Infinity US Launch Could Be Announced At Computex 2013

05/23/2013, ASUS has been releasing a pretty steady stream of decent products, and if you were hoping to pick up the PadFone Infinity in the US, you might be able to do so soon. While ASUS has yet to make an official announcement of sorts, in response to a customer...