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Nexus 7 2 Specs Leaked By ASUS Rep? [Rumor]

07/01/2013, It’s been a year since Google launched their Nexus 7, a tablet which was not only incredibly affordable, but came with pretty decent specs at well which was surprising given how much it cost. So the question is, when will Google launch the Nexus 7’s...

Nexus 7 2 Photo Spotted Online

06/16/2013, A purported new Nexus 7 photo has been spotted over at Bluetooth SIG. Google is expected to announce its next generation Nexus 7 tablet next month.

ASUS Fonepad Review

06/14/2013, We review ASUS Fonepad, which is their 7-inch tablet which can double as a display.

7″ ASUS K008 With Android 4.3 Spotted At Bluetooth SIG

06/11/2013, It looks like ASUS might have a new tablet in the works that they have yet to announce, and a recent sighting at the Bluetooth SIG has revealed the device’s model number to be that of the K008. We’re not sure what sort of tablet we’re looking at...

ASUS PQ321 4K Monitor Unveiled

05/31/2013, Most monitors these days are able to display Full HD resolutions at 1920×1080, but with UHD/4K televisions starting to emerge, there could be a day in the future where 4K is the new standard. If you’re an early adopter and would like to get your...