At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, ASUS has introduced its first Snapdragon-powered laptop, the ASUS NovaGo (model TP370). It is an always-connected laptop which has built-in Gigabit-class 4G LTE and comes with either 4GB or 8GB of RAM to cater to more demanding users.

The NovaGo is designed to achieve superior battery life by using an extremely low power Snapdragon 835 chip, with its integrated Qualcomm X16 4G LTE modem. At the same time, it uses a 50Wh battery, which is a decent size battery for a laptop.

Snapdragon 835 is the main processor powering some of the most advanced Android phones and tablet. Now, imagine what kind of battery life you would get by running that kind of hardware with a laptop-sized battery, and you get a general idea.

To make this happen, Qualcomm and Microsoft have worked together to make Windows 10 S the main platform for these new laptops. We will publish a dedicated article comparing Windows 10 S vs. Windows 10 and 10 Pro, but essentially, 10 S is a more streamlined and optimized version of Windows 10, which runs more efficiently. 10 S can only run apps found in the Microsoft Store, but users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

The software optimization aspect is not to be neglected because Windows isn’t known to be extremely power-efficient, and it is common to see background tasks running amok and killing one’s battery life. Windows 10 S should improve this situation. Whether you can only live with the in-Store apps, depends on your usage model.


Industrial Design

The ASUS NovaGo is a classic 360-degree clamshell (or 2-1 PC) that can turn into a fairly thick tablet. Because it is designed to be affordable, the industrial design isn’t particularly new or even extremely attractive.

It looks very decent, and the design is low-key. On the surface, it seems fairly sturdy and would look like a ~700 laptop, although its base price is lower than this,

This computer is designed for the common Productivity cases: it has a full-size HDMI port for presentations and watching content on a large display. It also features two full-size USB ports to be compatible with accessories and peripherals. This is the model for people who want to continue using their computers as a regular PC.

At 3.06 Lbs and 14.9mm, the ASUS NovaGo will certainly not the lightest and thinnest Always Connected laptop, but it still fits in the thin and light category. As such, it should have an advantage when it comes to real-world battery life. We still need to take one for a spin to assess the real world performance.

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