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Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review: Hands-On

03/07/2015, Sony unveiled its awesomely elegant and uber-light Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet at MWC 2015, a device with great performance powered by the fastest Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 810), featuring a stunning display and packaged in a sleek body that is 50 g...

Nintendo Wii U Review

02/05/2014, The Wii was an unstoppable juggernaut. The underpowered console has sold over 100.9 million consoles worldwide since it was released in 2006. Nintendo didn’t just beat Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in lifetime sales; it destroyed...

HTC One Review (M7)

04/10/2013, The HTC One is the latest HTC flagship smartphone announced just before MWC at a press conference in NYC. Simply put, the One is one of the most beautiful smartphone introduced in 2013, and it packs serious performance as well. In a market dominated by...

BlackBerry Z10 Review

02/04/2013, BlackBerry 10 has come a long way. For months, we’ve seen a sprinkle of information every so often regarding some of BlackBerry 10’s improvements over previous iterations of the operating systems. And last week was when BlackBerry finally not...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review

12/12/2011, This complete review of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 goes over strengths, weaknesses and compares it with the Tab 10.1 inches and other tablets.

Atrix 2 Review

10/28/2011, Atrix 2 Review - This complete review goes over “killer apps” like email, Facebook, Skype, the camera capabilities and other critical aspects of the Motorola Atrix 2. Are you ready?

Olympus E-P3 Review

09/22/2011, Olympus E-P3 Review - It is true that it classic looks inspire confidence, but can such a small camera deliver a professional quality?

Motorola Photon 4G Review

08/01/2011, This complete Motorola Photon 4G review goes over its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses to give you an idea of how it feels to use it in the real world.

Vizio Tablet Review (8-inch)

07/25/2011, Vizio Tablet Review - this review of the Vizio 8-inch Tablet covers its design, hardware and user-experience.

Xperia Play Review

06/27/2011, Xperia Play Review - this complete review of the Xperia Play smartphone goes over its gaming capabilities and titles, but also its smartphone abilities.

Android Market website now offers review breakdowns

06/26/2011, It looks like Google is constantly rolling out new features for the web version of the Android Market. The company recently added a new feature in the app descriptions for Android apps. On the bottom of the page, in addition to showing you the average...

HTC Sensation Review

06/20/2011, HTC Sensation Review - this in-depth review of the HTC Sensation covers the strengths and weaknesses of this phone. It's a must-read for Android users

Samsung Infuse 4G Review

06/03/2011, Samsung Infuse 4G Review - This complete review of the Samsung Infuse 4G covers the strengths and the weaknesses of this big -but light- smartphone.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

05/21/2011, I have to admit that I was noticeably surprised when I discovered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  for the first time – the device is sleek, elegant and its materials do not look cheap. This device is so different than the one I first saw at MWC, the...