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Product reviews that are genuinely useful to you! You can find tons of reviews on the web, and some of them do a fine job, but at Ubergizmo we really do our best at showing you the important aspects of a product while cutting back on the “fat” which is made of needless descriptions of dwelling into details that have no real consequence. Read our latest reviews and tell us what you think!

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Review (S230U)

04/11/2013, With the release of Windows 8, Lenovo has been one of those PC manufacturers that have been stepping up to offer some unique portable machines that are built around Microsoft’s newest operating system. We previously reviewed the Lenovo Yoga, which is a...

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

04/11/2013, Lenovo unveiled its Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 in August 2012, which would obviously be the latest version of their previously released ThinkPad Tablet. The company’s first attempt at offering a tablet to its customers resulted in an Android-powered...

Samsung Galaxy Mega Preview

04/11/2013, Samsung Galaxy Mega Preview | we got our hands on this yet to be released Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, so here are our first impressions

HTC One Review (M7)

04/10/2013, The HTC One is the latest HTC flagship smartphone announced just before MWC at a press conference in NYC. Simply put, the One is one of the most beautiful smartphone introduced in 2013, and it packs serious performance as well. In a market dominated by...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

04/09/2013, A few weeks ago at MWC, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, a device that features its famous S Pen alongside unique features such as Multi Window and AirView. Basically the 8-inch form factor featuring the S Pen is what the Samsung Galaxy Note...

HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Review

03/28/2013, It was last summer when we were introduced to the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook, resulting in us completely falling in love with its gorgeous 15.6-inch 1080p IPS display that was able to produce some nice colors and its view angles were exceptional....

Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Review

03/25/2013, Just like set top boxes, which are dedicated devices for streaming video content, the Chromebook is a dedicated web browsing appliance. It is an inexpensive piece of hardware, running on a free Operating System, with free software and updates (OS,...

HP Envy X2 Review

03/22/2013, HP Envy X2 Review | This complete review of the Envy X2 tablet/laptop transformable covers the most important aspects, including ergonomics, performance, and battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Hands-On Review

03/15/2013, We’re still slowly trying to wrap our heads around last night’s Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal as there was just an insane amount of information dumped onto the public all at once. But Samsung did not only unveil the Galaxy S4 as they also showed...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-On Review

03/14/2013, Hands-On Galaxy S4 Review: this article shows how the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks and feels in the real world. It covers the industrial design, specifications and software aspect of the smartphone.

LG Optimus G Pro Review

03/07/2013, LG Optimus G Pro Review | this complete review of the LG Optimus Pro covers every important aspect of this smartphone: performance, design, ergonomics and apps.

Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch Review (13.3″)

03/07/2013, [Updated Mar. 8, 2013 @ 11:03 a.m. ET: We noticed an number of our benchmark tests were a little funny, so we ran them again and found there was a big enough difference to change our opinion of the UltraTouch a bit. In our effort to deliver the most...

Sony XPERIA Z Review

03/04/2013, Sony XPERIA Z Review | This complete review of the Sony XPERIA Z covers the most important aspects of this smartphone, from the design, to the multimedia and photographic capabilities to the hardware performance.

Samsung Series 9 Review (NP900)

02/18/2013, The Samsung Series 9 2012 (aka NP900) is presented by Samsung as a laptop line that “pushes the envelope”, and the company has certainly up the ante by introducing a new design that is 20% thinner and more robust than the original Series 9...