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EVO Shift 4G Review

01/24/2011, Evo Shift 4G Review - the HTC Evo Shift 4G is presented by Sprint as a smaller version of their EVO 4G handset. Is that so, and what does it fell to have a QWERTY EVO phone? Check this review.

Punch Plugs Review

01/13/2011, To headphone makers, this must feel like a golden age: Apple alone has sold more than 275 million iPods. On top of that, hundreds of millions of other pocket musicians roam the world – wanna-be iPods as well as smartphones with built-in MP3 players. So...

Cr-48 Review

12/16/2010, Google, one of the biggest web companies, is dreaming about making the computing world to its own image. “The future is on the web”…”in a browser”, Google says. If you talk to Google’s Chrome team, you would sense a...

Verizon 4G Review

12/03/2010, As you might know, Verizon’s 4G commercial debuts will happen this Sunday. “4G” can mean very different things for different carriers, but at the very least, it is supposed to represent a “discontinuity” in terms of network...

Boxee Box Review

11/23/2010, The Boxee has been built with a simple goal in mind. Its creators say that “a lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet. Boxee is a device that finds them and puts them on your TV. It’s easy to use and even...

Casio EX-G1 review

11/18/2010, Feel free to jump at this camera and put it through the wringer – no worries, it can take it. Casio’s Exilim EX-G1 rides the wave of rugged adventure cameras that are shock-absorbent, waterproof, and cold-resistant. You can drop it from up to...

Google TV Review

11/16/2010, The promise of Google TV is to deliver a “web, made for your TV”. To reach the masses, the Logitech Revue is a hardware solution that lets anyone with an HDTV and an Internet connection join the party. It’s even more fun if you already...

Samsung Focus Review

11/03/2010, Samsung Focus Review - The Samsung Focus is one of the finest first-generation Windows Phone 7. This in-depth review goes through the user experience of the operating system and the of the device itself.

MacBook Air Review

10/27/2010, MacBook Air Review: this in-depth review of the Macbook air covers strengths and weaknesses of the Macbook Air, for Mac and Windows users.

HTC Surround Review

10/20/2010, The HTC Surround is part of the first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices to arrive on the U.S market. It has been designed to be a great music companion, thanks to its powerful sliding speaker. This seems like a perfect companion for the Zune Pass, the...

Epic 4G Review

10/19/2010, Epic 4G Review - This in-depth review of the Samsung Epic 4G shows you how it really feels to use this smartphone and candidly lists the strengths and weaknesses of this smartphone

Droid 2 Review

10/14/2010, The original Motorola Droid was launched as the phone that propelled Android mainstream, and its successor the Droid 2 brings some worthy refinements to the mainstream offering of that platform. The Droid 2 is an evolutionary upgrade from the original...

Shure SE115m Review

09/10/2010, Shure SE115m Review - this complete review of the Shure SE115m earbuds goes over their design, sound quality and practicality.