DualCor: Half-PDA, Half-PC, 100% Uber

The DualCor is really two devices in one. It’s a real 1.5Ghz computer that can run Windows XP and all the applications that we are familiar with, and at the same time it’s a super-PDA with another processor that runs Windows Mobile 5.0 for all the instant-on (smartphone/PDA) applications. It’s probably an OK computer and a fantastic PDA, and quite frankly, I’m not sure about using it as a phone (It seems a bit larger than a Sony PSP)… However, if it makes it to the market, it will be a very cool gadget to have. (Specs below). DualCor via jkontherun
• 1.5Ghz Via Processor
• 5-inch 800×600 display
• 1GB of DDR2 memory
• 40GB HDD

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