We can never have enough USB ports on our desktops or laptops to fit all of our devices. Even though recent computers comes with a generous amount of ports we still find ourselves wishing for more. There are solutions available, most hubs allow users to connect up to four USB devices. What if you could build a mega USB hub of your own, one that allows you to connect up to 31 devices?

Check out this homemade USB hub that can connect up to 31 other USB devices, although you had best check that the power supply has enough juice to handle such a huge amount of gadgets attached to it.

This mega hub was created by a gentleman based in Japan. What he basically did was put together USB hubs that he had purchased to exponentially increase the number of devices that can be connected to the computer. Its imperative to have an appropriate power supply to ensure that there’s no possibility of damage to the device or the computer.

The hub doesn’t need a special driver to work so its just plug and play. You won’t be able to walk into a shop and pick it up because it is a D.I.Y or do-it-yourself project. The instructions can be found here for the adventurous.

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