StormBlue A9+ portable media player

It is almost a year since we previewed the StormBlue A9+ portable media player, and it is finally released in the market. To recap, the StormBlue A9+ looks more like a cellphone than anything else, featuring a 2″ 262k color display, support for MP3, Ogg, WMA, WMA DRM, and MPEG 4 audio and video formats, bundled software which converts WMV, AVI, ASF and other formats over to MPEG 4, an integrated FM tuner, and a Bluetooth radio. The A9+ has a battery life of 11 hours when it comes to video and 39 hours when music is involved. Unlike our previously reported specs, StormBlue’s A9+ comes with 2GB and 4GB configurations which retail for £109 and £149 respectively. You can increase the storage size by throwing in your very own SD memory card. More specs are available after the jump. • 2.0” TFT LCD 260,000 Vivid Color
• 220 x 176 High Resolutoin
• Built-in Bluetooth transmitter to listen & watch wirelessly
• Remote control and phone conversation by headset during music listening
• Video play-back: 20 frames/sec, natural motion display
• MP3, WMA, OGG playback Support DRM9, DRM10 (DRM10 will be supported by firmware upgrade)
• Built-in Memory: Max 4GB, SD card Memory : Max 4GB
• 39 hours playback time for music files and 11hours for video files
• FM radio, Voice recording, Direct encoding, Digital Watch, Alarm, Automatic FM recording reservation, Text file viewer and JPEG file viewer

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