ePlate has strong ad potential

CES 2007 – If you own a fledgling business and would like to increase your brand awareness, advertising is the only way to go. Unfortunately, there are just plenty of advertising avenues in this day and age, and they range from traditional print media to the big Internet wave, radio, and TV stations. How else are you going to get your message across effectively? The ePlate from Canada is an LED brake light that boasts a scrolling programmable message every time you step foot on your brake. Located just below the license plate, it is capable of storing up to 250 characters. These messages can be programmed via an included remote control, but as a safety feature, you can’t do it while you’re driving.

The ePlate should retail in the region of $40 when released, which makes for a pretty effective advertising medium thanks to its freshness and the natural curiousity of a human being to finish reading a sentence. I just hope you have all your motor insurance in order as somebody might tailgate too close and kiss your bumper trying to read your message. It is currently available in the Great White North, so those living stateside can e-mail Mr. James Joy for more information

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