radio SHARK 2 keeps it real

No, the radio SHARK 2 is not some human-munching machine, but it offers a greater level of enjoyment when it comes to AM/FM radio on either Mac or PC platforms. With the radio SHARK 2, you will be able to record AM/FM broadcasts in real time, ensuring you never miss your favorite talk show or important hourly news bits even if you can’t be around to listen to it. In addition, it works pretty much like LG’s Time Machine LCD TV, featuring the abiilty to ‘pause’ live radio in case you need to attend to other more important issues (like making a cup of coffee in the pantry). Using it shouldn’t be a problem since the radio SHARK 2 looks like an old school radio with dials to boot. Pick up the radio SHARK 2 today at the promotional price of $49.99.

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