Samsung SGH-i570 on its way

Word on the street has it that a spanking new Samsung SGH-i570 smartphone will be hitting the streets in the near future, and you can’t help but get excited after checking out what this smartphone has on offer. Running on Symbian 9.1, the i570 boasts a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, HSDPA, EDGE, and Bluetooth connectivity, 160MB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, a VGA camera in front and a 2 megapixel camera behind, all packed into a slim slider form factor that measures a mere 16mm thick. Those who are familiar with the Samsung SGH-i620 will definitely experience a feeling of deja vu with the i570, and they aren’t wrong. After all, both handsets are similar in design save for the Windows Mobile OS-powered i620. Which OS do you prefer – Symbian or Windows Mobile?

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