DEMOFall   the Small Business sessionCashView is a cash management service that provides companies an easy way to manage documents, make payments, process invoices and view cash flow in real-time

BatchBook from BatchBlue
DEMOFall   the Small Business sessionBatchBook combine contact management, communication management and task management. It makes customer relation and employees’ tasks easy to manage.

DEMOFall   the Small Business sessionAgendize provides an action button embedded in online stores for example: from a pop-up window, the customer can call the store or get some store information to his/her phone via SMS, instant messaging or even save it as a word document. From there one can directly go to Facebook to recommand the store to friends.

DEMOFall   the Small Business sessionLongjump provides a catalog of easy-to-customize web-based applications that allows businesses to manage various aspects of their activity, from IT to HR or CRM.

Plan HQ
DEMOFall   the Small Business sessionPlan HQ helps companies to achieve their business plan. With an apealing and user friendly interface, you can keep track of your goals and monitor the profitability of your business.

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