Wall Adaptors Rotate, Saving You Stubbed Toes and Tangled Wires

Every major company seems to have their own power cord adapter design. We prefer the non-frill standard, but some need to add clunky plugs, whether it be for a unique touch or for technical needs. The problem with this is that some of these plugs just don’t fit with each other. You can spend many hours just trying to figure out how to configure your room to allow all of your electronics to be powered.

This Rotating Wall Power Outlet allows the outlet to be turned every which way to make room for the clunkier of adapters. Moving on a 360 degree axis, the Rotating Wall Adapter has 18 different positions that click into place, allowing for optimal plug-in placement, no matter where the location or what other plugs are already housed there. Available for $9.99 in your choice of Ivory and White.

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