Intel Z-P140 PATA penny-sized 4GB SSD

Solid State Drives are well known for their smaller size and smaller power requirements, but when you can cram 4GB on a surface that is equivalent to a penny, this is pretty impressive, although not surprising given current advances in semi-conductor manufacturing. Today, many music players use 1.8” drives that have a much larger capacity (60GB), but the Z-P140 has very interesting qualities:

  • 400x smaller for 15x less capacity
  • 75 times lighter
  • More shock resistant

Quick specs

  • Parallel ATA interface (PATA)
  • 2GB and 4GB capacity
  • 40Mbytes/sec (read), 30Mbytes/sec (write)
  • 300mW (1.1mW in sleep mode)

Storage is where Intel’s manufacturing capability can really shine, so expect them to give Samsung and Micron a run for their money (more SSD stories).

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