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How To Use An External Drive With The iPad
Looking for a way to offload photos from your iPad to an external hard drive? Or are you looking to access files from an external drive on your iPad? If you are, then this guide will be worth checking out.

How To Free Up Storage In Windows?
We list and explain four ways to free up disk space in Windows. It's easy and can free up many GBs of data you might need right now and only takes minutes to be done.

SanDisk iXPAND Wireless Charger + Automated Backups
Wireless chargers are typically not an exciting topic to cover as they differ only in maximum charging Wattage and price. However, WesternDigital/Sandisk have found the intersection between charging and backups, and this could save your data without requiring any effort.

How To Free Storage Space on Android, Without Computers
On Android, the result of maxing out your storage is the appearance of the annoying “insufficient storage available” notification. Freeing up your device’s storage usually involves plugging the device into your computer, where you can unload your photos and videos. In this tutorial, we will guide you through tips on how to seamlessly and wirelessly clean up storage space on your Android smartphone and tablet.


World’s Largest SSD Features 100TB Of Storage
Remember last month when Samsung announced that they had started to mass produce the world’s largest SSD with 30TB worth of storage? If you’re looking for more than 30TB, Nimbus Data might have the solution for you as the company has recently unveiled the new world’s largest SSD which comes with a whopping 100TB worth of storage.

Samsung SSD T5 Review
Samsung recently launched its latest portable USB 3.1 SSD drive called SSD T5. It comes more than a year after the SSD T3 (there isn’t a T4), which was praised by independent reviewers. The new SSD T5 builds on the same core strengths: tiny size, leading speed and massive 2TB of maximum capacity (our unit is the 2TB version).The main difference between the two is the USB 3.1 (Gen 2, […]

Best Disk Space Analyzer
If you are using your computer for a variety of purposes rather than just a single one; you need to have one of the best disk space analyzers on board to help manage your data effectively.No matter how large your hard drive capacity is (say 1 TB or 10 TB), you would encounter a point in time when you will wonder – “What is taking so much space on my […]

Lenovo Smart Storage Is A Wireless Data Storage Solution For The Future
Lenovo Smart Storage is the latest addition to the Chinese company’s mainstream smart home products. It’s a secure digital storage solution that can be configured with up to a massive 6TB of storage capacity. It features dual-band wireless access and muti-device auto-sync functionality so that users can access and share their files and data no matter where they might be in the world.

Samsung 960 Pro and 960 EVO SSDs Announced
During its SSD Summit in Seoul, Samsung will announce two new SSD drives named 960 Pro and 960 EVO. Both are built on the M.2 form-factor, and NVM Express (NVMe) PCIe Gen.3 x4 interface for flash memory.

Microsoft And UW Store 200MB Using DNA Medium
By successfully writing and reading 200MB of data stored in DNA strands, Microsoft Research and the University of Washington have broken a scientific record. Storing information in DNA structures is interesting because it has a higher data density as current electronic technologies.

Samsung SSD T3 Review
Following its external T1 SSD drive last year, Samsung is back with a T3 SSD USB 3.1 drive that targets the same market, with some improvements. This new drive can put up to 2TB of storage in about 2.75 cubic inches. I’ll go over the design, some performance numbers, use cases and a comparison with its predecessor.

Samsung’s 15.36TB SSD Is Now Shipping
Last year Samsung announced what they were calling the world’s largest capacity SSD for enterprise storage. This is basically a 15.36TB SSD that really just puts to shame everything we’ve seen in computers so far, but then again they are designed for enterprise use so it makes sense that it is capable of holding so much data.

Samsung Unveils 256GB UFS 2.0 Memory Chips For Mobile Devices
If your smartphone comes with only 16GB of onboard storage but also sports a microSD card, it’s not such a bad trade-off. However having more native storage is always a good thing as it means that accessing its data is faster, like accessing your computer’s hard drive versus an external hard drive.

SanDisk Unveils Mobile Flash Drive For USB-C Devices
USB Type-C is set to become the new standard for USB devices in the future. So far companies like Apple, Google, and handset makers like OnePlus have been more than willing to adopt the technology in their products, and if you are an early adopter, you might be interested to learn that SanDisk might have something for you.