Massaud Super Airship

Now this 700ft super-airship is the stuff of dreams, and is currently being developed by French-based Massaud. This huge airship might usher the Final Fantasy era in albeit slowly, capable of ferrying up to 40 passengers in the sky for a serene cruise around the world. It will be ecologically friendly and will not leave too huge a carbon footprint on the environment, while doing away with the need for hotels. Dubbed the Manned Cloud, it comes with the following creature comforts :-

  • 20 bedrooms
  • A restaurant, library, lounge and gym
  • Terraces with panoramic windows, a spa and a bar room
  • 700ft x 270ft x 170ft
  • Max. speed of 105mph, cruising speed of 80mph

The Manned Cloud has a targeted release date of 2020, so better start saving up your pennies now.

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