XCM Hyper Gear Case For DS Lites

Fancy getting a new DSi but can’t yet just because you are not living in Japan? Well, with the XCM Hyper Gear Case, you will not only transform your DS Lite’s aesthetics, it will also provide a turbo boost, courtesy of a switch located at the bottom right corner. Turning it on will make your DS Lite zippier, running at around 40% to 70% faster compared to its normal speed. While this will not kill your DS Lite in any way, it will make those fast and furious shoot ’em ups more challenging while placing a much greater drain on your battery. No idea on how much this will cost, but Mario Kart DS will seem as though it has received unlimited nitros. We wonder what will happen when you, as the host of a multiplayer game, use the turbo boost function while everyone else is plodding along.

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