480Hz LCD TV From LG to be Demonstrated at CES 2009, Behind Closed Doors

Called TruMotion 480Hz, this will be introduced in LG’s top of the line LCD TVs in 2009 (or 2010?). Right now, 120Hz TVs are just creeping in people’s homes. The point of having more “Hz” or “Images per seconds” is to attempt to make the motion smoother, mainly by “injecting” frames that are created by a video-processor. A movie is typically shot at 24 frames per second (fps), even in the theater, you will notice that fast motion is not always smooth. A processor can analyze the original movie content and literally create new frames that will make the motion look smoother. We also guess that 480Hz LCD TVs will be capable of stereo 3D.

Now the $1000 question is: when does this become good enough? We’ll tell you when we hit the CES 2009 show floor…

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