EI-E Robot Helps Elderly Out

As we grow older, many of our body parts start to shut down, regardless of whether you are rich or poor. The EI-E robot could help those who suffer from motor impairments in the future once all the kinks have been ironed out. It is not able to function in homes that are cluttered with objects since it isn’t smart enough to maneuver around, so at the moment the EI-E is confined to an empty room with a motor impaired person as a test subject. Standing 5-feet tall, the EI-E comes with a rotating body that is attached to a wheeled base in order for it to be mobile. All you need to do is point a laser at a (stationery) object and it will do its level best to bring it to you. Of course, use your judgment when pointing that laser as you wouldn’t want to strain the EI-E with a really large desk, do you?

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