G-Dog Robot Kit

Those who have already seen what the G-Dog can do will be disappointed to know that this robot cannot be purchased in the US. Below is an excerpt on its capabilities and a little bit of its technological background.

Nine small RS304MD servos (new command TTL/ PWM system) are used for the G-Dog. The G-Dog is a high performance and reasonably-priced four-leg robot coming with Processing Unit and Motion Editor. The G-Dog comes with 9 command-type robot servos and each servo has its own command ID. More servos can be added using a hub and no complex wiring is required. Command-type Control Servo contains a built-in CPU. Since servos receive commands for speed and directions for each movement and operate according to the commands, there is less load on the Processor.

Check out the video on just how quick and agile it is when compared to the dreary stuff you see at toy stores.

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