Datto Box2Box P2P Offsite Backup Device

The Datto Box2Box P2P is an offsite backup device that is a snap to setup – all you need to do is hook up one box to the computer at a location, connect another box at a remote location and you’re good to go, resulting in a linked off-site backup solution minus the headaches and stress of requiring rocket science to configure something like this in the past. The Datto Box2Box can be purchase as individuals or in ready matched pairs, depending on your current need and usage requirements. Available in an array of storage capacities, the Datto Box2Box has a maximum size of 500GB and boasts data encryption for added security. To top it all off, it even comes with a 5-year warranty for the added peace of mind. Pricing details are still unavailable, but if you’re looking for a secure off-site backup solution for your data between any two locations, the Datto Box2Box sounds like a pretty good deal.

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