Site Claims that Intel Wins PlayStation 4 GPU Spot

Claims that Intel has already won the PlayStation 4 GPU slot with “Larrabee”, a product still under development have surfaced.

To be fair, everything is possible, just like the moon could be smashed by a huge meteorite tomorrow. The thing is, it’s just very, very, very unlikely that Sony would have already signed a contract for a console that would be at the early concept stage. Sure, Intel *needs* a design-win for their chip, yes Larrabee could be a dream console GPU,and yes, Intel is actively lobbying console makers for a project like that. But we just don’tbelieve that Sony just went “sure, we’ll take it” so early. As you can guess, Sony denies, but companies also usually deny anything that’s not official, so this doesn’t really help.

It’s always fun to talk about stuff like that, but we just don’t think of it as “news”.

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