Smart Animals Scanopedia For Kids

Kids these days have it so good when it comes to a range of toys and games while growing up. I remember all I had then was a piece of paper and some crayons, where my parents left me to my own devices as wel could not afford anything from Toys ‘R Us. Fast forward a few decades and you have stuff like the Discovery Channel-branded Smart Animals Scanopedia, which is essentially an electronic talking animal encyclopedia that comes in the form of an elephant as you see here. This $29.99 device is a handheld scanner that relies on smart-tag recognition technology, where you can run it over a laminated chart plastered with images of familiar and some rather uncommon animals from around the world, where you will then be able to hear what the animal sounds like in addition to certain trivia. Features include three built-in games to further help you retain what you have learnt. Choose from over 90 Smart Animals for your collection, woe to the parents’ pockets then!

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