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Sony Ericsson is officially launching two new mobile phones, the C901 and the NAITE, that aredesigned to be more sustainable. And by “design”, Sony Ericsson means from end to end. From the material used, to the packaging and shipping to the recycling, the company wants this product to require 15% less carbon output, when compared to their previous phones in the same category.

But which category are we talking about? That’s the entry level, mass-market, category. This is where Sony Ericsson thinks that it can make a bigger difference because of the sheer volume. There’s no green marketing gimmick the company says (except for the name?): the phones aren’t literally green, they look like normal phones and many customers won’t even notice the handsets’ green qualities. “People just want good phones”.

Instead, Sony Ericsson bets that the track of record will speak for itself when they will reveal the number of phones sold and the reduction in carbon emission induced by these phones. Normally, handset makers rarely talk about the number of unit shipped – unless it is more than 1 million (and that’s not too often).

We find the realistic approach interesting: we agree that most entry-level phones buyers won’t pay an extra to get a “greener” phone. The first goal is to make the changes to be cost neutral (not lose money is always a good strategy) while making the whole process of building a phone more efficient. In the end, everybody wins and a few years down the road, Sony Ericsson could even make money by selling carbon credits, who knows.

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