BlueAntS4 Bluetooth speakerphone launched, reduces chances for being fined

Love talking on your phone all the time, and can’t seem to make the effort to get a hands-free car kit? Well, the BlueAntS4 Bluetooth speakerphone is here to help, as it is the perfect companion for in-vehicle use. You can trigger it by saying “BlueAnt speak to me.”, while different phrases will trigger other functions including voice-dialing. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the S4 is able to identify with a range of voices and accents, since not everyone is a native English speaker. You can pair up to a couple of handsets with the S4, where it features 2,000 phonebook entries from each phone. Apart from that, the S4 can read out text messages and e-mails using Vlingo’s SafeReader app which incidentally is compatible with BlackBerry and Android 2.0 or newer smartphones. All you need to do is press a button and say, “Start SafeReader” to get it up and running. The BlueAnt S4 has a battery life of 20 hours of talk time, or 700 hours of standby, and will hit Best Buy and AT&T for $99.99. Get this only if you don’t have a Bluetooth headset, otherwise you might end up more frustrated if it doesn’t recognize your voice command for the umpteenth time with your temperature boiling during a massive gridlock. [Press Release]

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