AirTurn BT 105 is a guaranteed page turner

If you think that the AirTurn BT-105 is the latest thriller from John Grisham, taking up the mantlepiece of being a classic page turner on bestseller lists, then you’re sorely mistaken. What the AirTurn BT-105 does instead is to turn pages on the iPad, thanks to a transmitter which is connected to a standard professional footswitch, letting you turn both full and half pages of sheet music without having to remove your hands from a particular instrument – as with the lady and her flute in the image above. It would be safe to say that it will cost approximately similar to the current 2.4GHz version which retails for $40 for the dongle itself to $100 for a bundle that throws in a couple of Boss pedals. We hope to have more relevant information released before Q4 2010 rolls around as that is when it sees action in the marketplace.

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